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Packing Material

Box Description Size Price
Dish Pack (5.2 cubic ft carton) 18″x18″x27″ 6.00 ea
Small Carton (1.5 cu. ft. ctn.) 12″x12″x18″ 2.00 ea
Medium Carton (3.1 cu. ft. ctn.) 18″x18″x16″ 3.00 ea
Large Carton (4.5 cu. ft. ctn.) 18″x18″x24″ 3.50 ea
X-Large Carton (6.1 cu. ft. ctn.) 23″x20″x23″ 4.00 ea
Wardrobe Carton 24″x21″x46″ 15.00 ea
Mirror Carton (4 pieces per set) 40″x60″ 8.00/set
Crib Mattress 8.00 ea
Single Mattress 12.00 ea
Double Mattress 15.00 ea
QN/KG Mattress 25.00/set
Supplies Size Price
Newsprint (25 lb. Bundle) 30.00 ea
Padded Paper 60″x72″ 4.00/sheet
Bubble Wrap ½”x24″ 0.50/linear ft or 75.00/roll
Tape 2.50/roll

Additional benefits for our customers:

  • Wardrobe cartons may be rented during your local move with us at a cost of $9.00 each.
  • Used material (when available) will be sold at 50% off the cost of new.

Please contact us prior to picking material up from our warehouse.

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